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How to Add Pay Types

The Pay Types desktop is where pay type information is configured in OnTarget.  Pay types define and control the way that employees or contractors get paid through OnTarget.  With pay types, the parameters for tax handling, any overtime calculations, interaction with timesheets, pay rates, and any linking with wages expense and general ledger are defined….

Clients – General: Contacts

All pertinent contact information should be entered under this tab. (To make edits to an existing contact, click to highlight the contact in the list view). To add a contact, click on the "+ Add Contact" button found under the contacts tab.  ​​   Notice that the contact "name" is a required field and is…

Configure Desktop

System configuration for each individual company is set up and managed under the Configure Desktop.  User id's are established, roles are defined, validations are managed, and the level of exposure to various parts of the system are controlled for each user under this Desktop.   

Clients – General: Identification

Personal Details Area: (To make edits to an existing client record, either double-click the client listed in the client list view, or click on the "edit client" icon).  To add a client, click on the "+ Add Client" button.   After doing this, the identification tab of the general section will be shown.  The identification…

Clients: Search & Filters

The client search grid is where users can search for particular clients using filters to restrict the search results.  The various filters that can be used to restrict the client search grid are explained below.  Note:  users may enter multiple filters per data field.  For example, users may enter one cost center on the first…

Clients – General

  The General section of the Clients Desktop is where users can add client demographics , contacts, and insurance information.  This information may then be used by other modules to determine key information about a client.  This is especially useful for displaying information about particular clients and for generating reports.

Clients: Reports & Exports

By clicking on the "edit client" icon, users are taken directly to the client record for viewing or editing.      By clicking on the "view report" icon, users are presented with a print-friendly version of the client demographic information (typically referred to as the "face sheet").  By clicking on the "export" icon, the report can be further…

Clients Desktop – Clients

 The client record is created and managed under the Clients Desktop.  After clicking on the clients icon, users are presented with the client search screen.  The clients displayed in the grid are based upon security settings for particulars roles.  In order to understand the clients a logged in user has access to, go to the…

How to Add Pay Disbursements

The Pay Disbursements desktop is where pay disbursement information is configured in OnTarget for the purpose of processing payroll.  These configurations ultimately control the method by which employees or contractors get paid through OnTarget.  Here, institution accounts are selected, method of disbursement is established (either by check or direct deposit), and the account type is…