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Login FAQ

Question:   I am not able to log in.  What do I do?   Answer:   If you put your username in and it auto-populates your company name, then your username is correct.  If your username is correct, you put in your password and it does not accept your login (gives error message of invalid…


Clients FAQ

Question:   How do I inactivate a client’s record?   Answer:   Open the client record and select the "Inactive" check box located under the Personal Details section of the Identification tab.  Once this is marked, the line item will be greyed out and taken out of the active client list.   Question:   Once…


Notes FAQ

Question:   I cannot delete my note.  What do I do?   Answer:    If you have already signed your note, the system will not allow you to delete the note.  This is in order to remain in compliance with guidelines for electronic documentation.  If you have not already signed the note, you can delete…


Scheduling FAQ

Question:   I don't see time scheduled for all of my clients on my calendar, and I know that I should have time scheduled for all of them.  What should I do?   Answer:    If you are a caregiver, then you need to verify with your supervisor that time has been scheduled for all…


Configure FAQ

Question:   How do I create a new user name for an employee in OnTarget Clinical?   Answer:    First, you will need to create an employee record.  To create a new employee record, you will need to go to the Employees Desktop and click on the "Add Employee" button at the top of the…


Employees FAQ

Question:   How do I link a client with a particular caregiver?   Answer:   Open the caregiver's employee record, go to the Roster tab, click on the Add button, and choose the client that you want to add.  If you do not have access to the employee record, contact a supervisor or system administrator. …


Dashboard FAQ

Question:   When I go to my Dashboard, I don't see any of my dashlets.  What do I do?   Answer:    The Notes and My Tasks dashlets are enabled by default for each user.  Additional dashlets can be made available to users per role by the company's system administrator.  Click on the Configure Dashboard…


Timesheets FAQ

Question:   When I go to add my timesheet, I don’t see my current pay period available.  What do I do?   Answer:   Visibility to pay periods is managed under the list configuration area.  Contact your supervisor or a security administrator with your company to let them know that you are unable to see…


How Do You Know What Clients You Have Access To?

The client record is created and managed under the Clients Desktop.  After clicking on the clients icon, users are presented with the client search screen.  The clients displayed in the grid are based upon security settings for particulars roles.    In order to understand the clients a logged in user has access to, go to…