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How to Add Pay Types

The Pay Types desktop is where pay type information is configured in OnTarget.  Pay types define and control the way that employees or contractors get paid through OnTarget.  With pay types, the parameters for tax handling, any overtime calculations, interaction with timesheets, pay rates, and any linking with wages expense and general ledger are defined….

How to Add Pay Disbursements

The Pay Disbursements desktop is where pay disbursement information is configured in OnTarget for the purpose of processing payroll.  These configurations ultimately control the method by which employees or contractors get paid through OnTarget.  Here, institution accounts are selected, method of disbursement is established (either by check or direct deposit), and the account type is…

How to Add Payroll Deductions

The Pay Deductions desktop is where deductions to be withheld from paychecks are configured in OnTarget.  These configurations ultimately control the miscellaneous deductions for employees, taxation (if any), method of calculation, and applicable employment statuses.    In order to add a pay deduction, click on Add Pay Deduction.  This opens the pay deduction configuration window. …

How to Manage Data in the Certifications Tab

Employee certification information should be managed under the Certifications tab. Validation rules work in conjunction with this section to alert users when certifications are either incomplete or expired. The Validation rule is managed in the Validations tab under the Configure Roles screen in security.       To add a certification, click on the "+ Add" button….

How to Manage Data in the Roster Tab

The Roster tab of the employee record is used to link client(s) with an employee for service delivery. There are some key functions to the roster.   First, it is a point of control for restricting the clients that an employee has access to. In the OTC Global Permissions section of Desktop Security, there is…

How to Manage Data in the Pay Types Tab

Pay type information should be entered under this tab. Pay Types are required for entering billable and/or non-billable time on timesheets. Non-billable time may also be entered in schedules using pay types.      To add a pay type to an employee record, click on the "+ Add" button. (To make edits to an existing…