Residential: Configuring Clients and Note Templates

Residential: Configuring Clients and Note Templates

We are nearing the last few configuration steps. The remaining items are to link the client to the site they reside in and finally to optionally create a note template that supports multiple signatures on a single note, which if often common for these residential services.

First, Clients must be assigned to sites in order to complete shift scheduling.

  1. Go to Clients
  2. Search for a client that resides in a site.
  3. Assign the site in the “Home Facility” drop-down of the identification tab.
  4. Repeat for each client

And lastly, as mentioned, the final step is optional based on the way that you will need to collect signatures on your note documents. If you need  the signature of each staff member on the shift, then you will want to complete this step and setup a new note template. You can disregard this step if you will need only one signature on the note and have already configure the corresponding note template.

To setup the template,  go to Configure → List Configuration → Notes → Note Templates

  1. Click Add Note Template.

Select the “Group” checkbox upon Save of the new template. This is what alerts the system to the fact that more than one caregiver will be signing off on the note.

As with all note templates, it is then recommended to assign this template to the corresponding services. This is optional as well, but definitely recommended since it prevents your staff from having to make a choice of which note template they will document on every time they go to write a note.

To do this, go to Billing → Services → Note Configuration

  1. Select the service from the left panel.
  2. Set the group note template as the default.

You have now completed all of the configuration steps for shift scheduling. Keep learning to understand how to schedule your shifts and ensure you have proper coverage.