Residential: Clocking In from Desktop

Residential: Clocking In from Desktop

You are able to clock in and out of your shifts from both the full site and the mobile site. This video will walk you through clocking in and out from the full site

Once you have arrived at your site and are ready to clock-in for the shift, log into OnTarget.  Click on the Clock in button. You must then choose the shift that you are clocking into and then choose confirm.

If you are within the acceptable range of the worksite, which would be specified by your supervisor, then the system will successfully clock you in, which can be verified at the top of your screen.

You can also track your clock-in records on the Dashboard in the ‘My Timeclock Records’ dashlet. Here you will see the scheduled start and end time of you shift along with you actual start and end time from your clock-in and out activity.

In the event that you forget to clock-in, the system will send you a notification via a task to remind you. You can see an example of one here. This would notify you both through your email if you have those notifications turned on and also through your dashboard once you log in for the first time during your shift and it is 15 minutes after the start of your shift. 

When you are ready to clock – out you will simply click clock-out and acknowledge the prompt assuring that you are ready to do so. Refreshing the Dashboard would update accordingly.

You can clock in and out of your shifts as much as you need to in order to properly record your time and attendance. Your timesheet will automatically pull in all of your in-range clock in and out records, as in this example.

Any clock-ins that are not within range, meaning you have clocked in or out and you are not within a certain range of the worksite, then your supervisor will need to approve those records before they make it to your timesheet.  

If you attempt to clock in and not within the acceptable range of your scheduled worksite, then you will see this message. You may choose to:

Clock in: which will allow you to clock in.  your supervisor will see that this was not within range of your worksite and will have to approve this in order to get paid

Send Task: this will not clock you in but rather send a message to your supervisor

Send Task and Clock In: which is recommended so that you can alert your supervisor as to why you are not within range – maybe notifying them that you had to pick the client up at the doctor for example and therefore are knowingly not at the scheduled worksite.

Cancel: to close out completely

Finally, there is one more option to review. If you are not able to clock in because you are not scheduled for a shift, you may be able assign yourself to a shift or to pick up someone else’s shift if you are filling in for someone. These options are only permitted if you have been granted access to do so. You can check this by going to the schedule and searching for the site you are trying to clock-in at. Find the shift that you are working. If you are picking up someone else’s shift – find their name and then click the green checkmark against that row. You will now be assigned that shift.

OR, if you are not picking up someone else’s shift, but rather adding yourself to it, then click Add self to shift. In both instances, your supervisor will receive an automated notification alerting them of this activity.

You may now choose to clock-in and choose your shift.