Residential: Timeclock Configuration

Residential: Timeclock Configuration

The Timeclock functionality allows you to capture staff time and attendance in real time. OnTarget will record the location and device of the user clocking in/out, along with validating that the clock in/out’s are within acceptable range of the site where services are to be rendered. Reminders can be sent to staff if they forget to clock in/out of their shift. The clock in/out records can be tracked on each users’s Dashboard.   Determine which services will be paid via timeclock records versus the shift note time in/out. Services with timeclock designations will place the timeclock records on the timesheet for payroll purposes. Note:  Shift schedules are required for clock in/out at this time.  This course will focus on the system configuration that is required for timeclocks in OnTarget.   

First, you’ll need to grant access to the pertinent staff that will be using this functionality. To Configure Admin/Supervisor Security Permissions:  Go to Configure→

Security→Configure Roles. Select roles accordingly to set the following permissions in the Desktop Security tab: For users responsible for creating rules around timeclock features such as sending task reminders when staff haven’t clocked in, configuring the number of minutes before and after shift staff are allowed to clock in/out (typically super-users only): Select role and expand Configure section. Expand List Configuration folder. Check Timeclocks.  

For users responsible for adding manual timeclock records (typically supervisors/managers only): Select role and check/expand Timeclocks desktop. Check Add Manual Timeclocks. Check Edit Manual Timeclocks

For users responsible for approving and/or voiding clock-in/out records that are outside of acceptable distance from scheduled site (typically supervisors/managers only): Select role and check Timeclocks desktop. Check Approve Clock In. Check Approve Clock Out. Check Void Timeclock. Check Approve No Pay Type.  

Next, we’ll walk through the typical role settings of a direct support staff whose main focus will be to clock-in and clock-out per shift.

Under Configure Roles. Select each role with users that will be clocking in and out:

Expand Dashboard.

Check My Timeclocks.

Expand Timeclocks.

Check Clock in from Desktop and it is recommended to also Check Clock in from Mobile in order to give them options to use either device. Mobile will most likely be the most efficient means for the staff to easily clock in and out.

Now that the security setup is done, there are a few other critical setup steps.  

First, is to create timeclock rules. These are optional, but recommended for best use of the system. Go to   ConfigureàList ConfigurationàTimeclocksàRules. Set the number of minutes before start of shift to allow clock-in.  Note:  This prevents staff from being able to clock in a certain amount of time prior to shift start time. Set the number of minute start of shift to allow clock-out.  Note:  This prevents staff from being able to clock out a certain amount of time after the shift has ended. Check to Send Reminders if staff forget to clock-in 15 minutes after shift starts or clock-out 15 minutes after shift ends.

Next, go to Sites Go to Billing à Sites Search for a site that will use shift scheduling. Ensure the “Eligible for Shift Scheduling” checkbox. plug in a # of feet within radius of the site that is acceptable for a clock-in/clock-out. Additionally, you will want to verify that the address of the site is correct. This is how the system will validate they are “in range” , based on the granted distance from the home that is acceptable when clocking in/out. This prevents staff from clocking -in when they are down the street at McDonalds lets say – or the minimum if not preventing then audits that they were out of range and even tracking where they were. And lastly, configure the Services that will Capture time by clock-in and clock-out  for Timesheets and/or Payroll purposes. Go to Billing → Services. Search for service(s) that will be paid from timeclock (versus note start/end time). Check Require Timeclock for Payroll.  Note: “Eligible for Payroll” and “Require Timeclock for Payroll” are mutually exclusive.