Notifications Dashlet

Notifications Dashlet

The Notifications Dashlet allows you to send task notifications in bulk.  Please note that access to the Notifications Dashlet is typically reserved for security administrator/HR level users only.
Restricting this prevents users across the board from sending mass notifications and bogging down tasks unnecessarily.
Access to the Notifications Dashlet is granted per role by going to:

→ Configure

→ Security

→ Configure Roles

→ Select Role

→ Desktop Security tab

→ Expand Dashboard

→ Dashlet Notification checkbox.

If you do not see this Dashlet, you should make sure you have added it to your dashboard by clicking CONFIGURE DASHBOARD and selecting the corresponding checkbox.

When the messaging needs to go out to all users, leave all filters blank. If you want to send the message to a particular cost center, you have the option of selecting from the Cost Center drop-down.  Likewise, you can choose to send the message to a particular group of employees, by selecting a job title. Or use any combination of both.  
The Date Reminder field is used when you want to schedule the notification on a particular date. In the absence of a date, the message will be delivered to the designated users immediately upon saving.

Watch our video to learn more about Notifications.