OnTarget Dashboard Overview

Dashboard: Learn about the following Dashlets…


  • Unsigned/Unapproved Notes: Tool and recommended workflow for managing unsigned and unapproved notes
  • My Tasks: an internal messaging center. Enforce staff to review their tasks at very log-in
  • Clients: quick view into assigned client records and overview of last seen
  • Reports: run reports to manage client service authorizations and remaining units, employee certifications by supervisor and cost center, and treatment plan start & end dates
  • Paychecks: allow staff to access their pay slips when payroll is run through OnTarget
  • Notifications: designated users can send bulk messages to all staff or by job title or cost center
  • Assessments by ISP Goals: graph and report outcomes from grid note assessment keys
  • Interventions by ISP Goals: graph and report outcomes from grin note intervention keys

Meaningful Use: report on client data via meaningful use standards