How to Assign Services to Revenue Accounts

How to Assign Services to Revenue Accounts

The Revenue Accounts screen is where services are linked with particular revenue accounts in OnTarget.

By linking services with particular revenue accounts, the system will account for income and automatically keep the general ledger in line with services provided.  Every time claims are created and exported for billing, they are then posted to the General Ledger based on the revenue account assignment.  This is integration to GL and how the revenue gets reported not only by service, but by cost center and program as well.

First, ensure that roles needing access to Revenue Accounts have the proper access.  Go to Configure, Security, Configure Roles.  Select the role that needs access, and then expand the Services section.  Check “Modify Revenue Accounts” and Save in order to see the Revenue Accounts section at Services.

Next, go to Billing, Services.  Click on Revenue Accounts at the top of the page.  Select the revenue account that needs to be configured on the left side of the screen.

Next, check each service that should be associated with the account.  Click Save.

If a particular account listed, it may not have been setup or configured yet.  Accounts are configured by going to Configure, List,  Configuration, Global, Chart of Accounts.

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