How to Establish Programs

How to Establish Programs

The Program Codes screen is where services are linked with the company’s particular programs in OnTarget.  This is found under the Services desktop in OnTarget.


By linking services to particular program codes, you get another layer of reporting.  With this, sales and billing figures can be reported on by program, along with other types of data such as in the general ledger.  It is beneficial in terms of being able to categorize services in a meaningful way so that you can analyze the numbers and productivity behind a grouping of services.


First, ensure that roles needing access to Program Codes have the proper access.  Go to Configure, Security, Configure Roles.  Select the role that needs access, and then expand the Services section.  Check “Modify Program Codes” and Save in order to see the Program Codes section at Services.





At that point, services can be linked to programs.  Go to  Billing, Services.  Click on Program Codes at the top of the page.





Next, click “Add Program Code” to add a new program.  Enter a description for the program code.  This should be a description that is consistent with the program within the agency.  For example, an outpatient program could have the description of “Outpatient” for the Program Code and then be linked with the associated services.   Or Innovations Waiver services might have a program labeled as Innovations.





Once the program code(s) have been created, select the program code that needs to be configured on the left side of the screen.  Next, check each service that should be associated with the program code.  Click Save.





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