How to Setup Providers (NPI’s)

How to Setup Providers (NPI’s)

The Providers desktop is where billing provider information is entered in OnTarget.  Here, the billing NPI# is entered as well as required billing link information.   


In order to search for Providers, click on “Search Providers”.  This populates a search grid with various filters.  Here, you can use filters to search by code, description, provider id, npi, and active/inactive.



Click on “Add Provider” to add a provider.  This opens the provider configuration window.



First, enter a Code.  For billing through the latest version of OnTarget, the typical naming convention for code is “Global”.  Next, enter a description.  The typical naming convention for description is “Global” followed by the last 4 digits of the billing NPI number.



Next, enter the NPI number.  Billing link is a required field, and is a function of billing and claims submission.  



Finally, select the “Signature On File” and “Global NPI” checkboxes.  Click Save. 



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