How to Add Pay Disbursements

How to Add Pay Disbursements

The Pay Disbursements desktop is where pay disbursement information is configured in OnTarget for the purpose of processing payroll.  These configurations ultimately control the method by which employees or contractors get paid through OnTarget.  Here, institution accounts are selected, method of disbursement is established (either by check or direct deposit), and the account type is defined (if the method selected is direct deposit).          


In order to add a pay disbursement, click on Add Pay Disbursement.  This opens the pay disbursement configuration window. 





First, enter a description.  This should be a description that is consistent with the payment method and type.  For instance, if this pay disbursement is going to be a direct deposit method and a checking type, enter the description as “DD-Checking”. 


Next, select the institution account to be associated with the pay disbursement.  This links into the account from which the payment is to be drafted.  Institution accounts are setup under the checking section of OnTarget. 





Select the method of pay disbursement.  This is either by check or direct deposit.  If the method is by check, click Save to save the new pay disbursement.  If the method is by direct deposit, select the direct deposit type.  This will be either checking (for disbursements that should pay to a checking account), or savings (for disbursements that should pay to a savings account).  Click Save to save the new pay disbursement. 





If the Pay Disbursement search grid is not visible, click on “Search Pay Disbursements” to populate the grid.  Click the Search button to display any pay disbursements currently added to OnTarget.  Search results  can be filtered by description, institution account, institution name, and by method.





The last part of Pay Disbursements setup is to add pay disbursements to employee records.   


First, ensure that all roles that need access to the employee Pay Disbursement tab have it.  Click on Configure, Security, Configure Roles, Select the role that needs access, Desktop Security, Expand Employees, Pay Disbursements checkbox, and Save.





Navigate to an employee record to which you want to add a pay disbursement.  Click on the Pay Disbursement tab.  Click “Add” to start adding a pay disbursement.





Next, select the description from the drop down.  Select the type.  This is either an amount to be specified or a percent.  If the type selected is a percent, specify the percentage for the disbursement under the amount as a decimal.  For example, if the percentage is 100%, enter a “1”; if the percentage is 50%, enter “.5”.


If the type selected is an amount, specify a specific dollar amount.  For instance, enter $100 dollars as “100”.





Although not required, “Remainder” is available for times when multiple pay disbursements are added to an employee record.  By checking the remainder checkbox for a particular pay disbursement, you can ensure that any remaining distribution amount is paid according to that pay disbursement setup. 


Order of Disbursement is also available for times when multiple pay disbursements are added to an employee record.  With this, you can specify the order in which pay disbursements are carried out by the system.  For example, you may have a DD-Savings disbursement with an amount of $100 set with an order of disbursement “1”…and a DD-Checking disbursement with a percentage of 100% set with an order of disbursement “2” (w/ remainder checked).  With these particular settings, the system would first pay the $100 dollars to the dd savings account, and would then pay 100% of the remaining amount to the dd checking account. 



The final columns of the pay disbursement setup are where the routing and account #’s are setup for direct deposit types.  Click “Update” to save the pay disbursement to the employee record. 



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