All Notes: How to Add/Manage Tasks

All Notes: How to Add/Manage Tasks

This section provides an overview of how to manage tasks for notes in OnTarget Clinical.


There are many different areas of OnTarget Clinical that allow for tasks to be created.  Tasks allow a means of communication within the program.  One of the primary places that tasks are used is in the notes section.  Creating tasks from notes is a frequently used purpose for tasks, as it allows the supervisor and the caregiver the ability to communicate back and forth about the state of the note.


Tasks can be created from every note type, whether a PIE Note, Grid Note, Medical Note or custom note.  A task must be associated with a note.  To create a task, first open a note and then go to the tasks tab.



To create a task, click "Add a Task".  The note information will pull in as read-only.  The "Assigned To" field will auto-populate to the caregiver of the note.  This is because it is a typical scenario for the supervisor to assign a task to the caregiver when they discover that a correction needs to be made on the note.  The task will be the method of communicating that correction.  Tasks, however, can be used in any way that is most beneficial to the interested parties of a particular note.  The assignee can be changed if needed.



The reminder date is used to determine when the task will show up for the assignee.  If a task is going to the caregiver of the note and it is about a correction that needs to be made immediately, then by leaving the reminder date blank, the task will be seen in the caregiver’s task dashlet the moment that it is saved.  If the task does not need to go into effect until a week from now for example, then the reminder date can be set as that future date and the task will show up for the assignee at that time.


Use the description field to enter in the details of the correction or to provide any type of information related to the note for the assignee.  By clicking on save, the created by and created on fields will populate to the name of the creator and the date the task was created on.


The task should be visible, based on the reminder date, in the My Tasks dashlet on the Dashboard for both the assignee and the creator of the task.  If the My Tasks dashlet is not visible, go to Configure Dashboard and check it to make it visible.  If the My Tasks dashlet is not listed as an option, it will need to be requested through the agency's security administrator.



Created tasks can be reviewed by the assignee by double-clicking on it.  If there is no action to take for the task, because this is just informational, then a response may be entered acknowledging the task was read and then re-assigned back to the creator or simply closed.


If there is action to be taken, click directly on the Note link.  This will open the note and after reviewing the task details, useres can click on the Notes tab to make any necessary edits.



When the task has been completed, a response can be entered and re-assigned back to the creator so that they will see the response.  The task may also be closed, but directly closing without responding back to the creator will not alert the creator that the task has been completed.  If the supervisor cannot approve the note prior to the task being completed, it is recommended that a response be given and the task re-assigned to the supervisor.



A task can be closed by clicking on the "Closed" checkbox.  When closing a task, the program will auto-populate the person who closed it and the date it was closed on.  Note:  a task can only be closed by the original creator of the task.  All closed tasks can be shown by clicking on the "Show All" checkbox.  If a task has not been closed and the supervisor approves a note, they will receive a warning message alerting them that there is an open task.



Users have the ability to search for all notes that have open tasks from the "Search Clinical Notes" grid.  By selecting "Notes with Open Tasks", the notes list can be filtered.  This list can then be exported into excel or individual notes can be further edited by clicking on the notes listed.



At the My Tasks dashlet, users have the ability to export the tasks into a list.  By clicking "Show All", users can  see all tasks that have been assigned to them and any that they have been the creator of.  In order to receive email notifications when tasks are assigned, go to OptionsàPreferences and check to receive email notifications.



Tasks can be utilized from many areas of the program.  Tasks can be created from each of these areas:


Client Consents

Client Assessments

Client Treatment Plans


Scheduling and

Employee Certifications


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