Create Time Records from Notes

Create Time Records from Notes

This section provides an overview of the process for creating time records from notes in OnTarget.  This is the first step in the process when billing is generated from clinical notes.


First, go to the Notes desktop which defaults to the notes search grid.  It is recommended to first review the records that are eligible for billing.  By selecting “Eligible Approved Notes” at the Supervisor Billing Approval filter and “No” at the Imported filter, the grid view is restricted to notes that have been approved and have never been imported into the billing module.  Click on Search to display the notes search grid with the set filter restrictions. 





Set any other filters as needed to further restrict the notes search grid.  Examples may include filtering down to a particular service, supervisor, and so on.  Ultimately, the purpose is to create time records (which are billable records) from all notes that are approved and have never been billed.  This process is simply taking the notes and sending them to the billing module where further evaluation can be made.  Additional steps allow for control of what billing actually gets submitted form these notes and when.  


If this is the first time that time records are being created from schedules, it is recommended that a new view be created.  The view will allow for saving of filters so they don't have to be set them every time a search is run.  To create a view, set the desired filters and then click the Save button. 





Click New View and give it a name.  Use Existing View when an already saved view needs to be modified.  Once a view is saved it may be recalled at any time from the drop-down and it will then properly set all of the saved filters.  This view is visible only to the logged-in user unless it has been made global to all users. 





A view can be made global to ALL users in the database by clicking on the Edit Views button and checking global.







Once the appropriate filters have been set and the corresponding records have been reviewed, it is time to create time records from schedules.  Select from one of two options by clicking on Create Time Records.  The first is option is “From Selected”.  This allows you to create time records from individually selected scheduled events.





The second option for creating time records is “From All”.  By selecting this option, time records are created from all scheduled events displayed in the scheduling grid view.  This is dependent on the filter settings at the scheduling grid view.





After one of these two options is selected, a Time Records Processing status bar will be presented.  Validations may or may not be presented once the processing has completed. 





If validations are presented, a decision must be made as to override selected validations and continue processing, or do not override and continue processing.  If override selected validations and continue processing is selected, time records will be created.  If do not override and continue processing is selected, no time records will be created. 





Security settings dictate whether or not override capabilities are available as well as whether or not certain validations run (user/login specific).  To learn more about validations and how these are best managed, please see the Configure section of the online help files and look for the security videos.


Once notes have been successfully imported, only notes that don't import are left in the grid.  If notes are left behind in the grid, this is due to validations that have not been overridden.  If no validations are presented or all of them are overridden, the grid will be blank.  This is due to the filter setting for imported being set to "No"; only records that have not been imported display.  Remember to reset the filters to view notes as needed.


As a final step, it is best practice to understand the notes that didn’t get imported because they are incomplete (either not signed by the caregiver or not approved by the supervisor).


Change the Supervisor Billing Approval filter to "Unapproved".  Filter to Caregiver Unsigned to examine the difference between unapproved and unsigned.  This data can be exported to excel for further filtering options or to be distributed to interested parties.  This is important to manage in order to ensure that all billing is submitted in timely manners.  Internal deadlines for note signing and approving should bet set and managed properly.





The next step in the billing process is outlined in the Time Records section.



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