How to Create Invoices

How to Create Invoices

This section provides an overview of the process for creating invoices from batch billing in OnTarget.  This is the final step in the billing process and is where the claims are generated.  Once claims are generated, the assigned Aym Technologies biller will then submit them to the appropriate payers.


The first step in creating invoices is to click on Batch Billing, which by default is located under the Billing Desktop.  This automatically pulls up the Batch Billing search grid.  To see the batch billing records, click search.  This will represent all of the billing that is staged and ready for invoicing.  Note the dollar amount and total unit count at the bottom.





The filters can be used to restrict the batch billing results and control what billing gets invoiced and when it is submitted. 


Prior to creating invoices, it is best to scrub the data over to ensure the info is correct.  It is much easier to make changes to the data at this stage.  Most changes will not be made here but rather back at the point of origin.  For example, any changes to funding source or funding payer need to occur at the client record in the insurance section.  Any changes to the service need to occur back at the note, a schedule or time record entry; depending on what generated the billing.  The assigned Aym biller can help guide any of those edits.  Delete the batch item first and after making the changes, recreate the batch billing record from the Time Records desktop.


Once the data is scrubbed and the appropriate filters are set to display the batch,  click the create invoices button.  Select from one of two options.  The first is option is “From Selected”.  This allows batch billing to be created from individually selected time records and is only enabled if records are selected.  The second option is “From All”.  This option creates batch billing from all time records currently visible in the search grid. 





There may be some instances where a claim is to be added manually.  Adding claims manually is not the typical process for generating claims.  Claims are typically created from imported time associated with notes or schedules.  In order to add a claim manually, click on Claims which by default is under the Billing Desktop.  Next, click on Add Claim.  Enter the required information which includes the client name, invoice date, and service.  Enter any remaining fields as necessary.  Click on Save to create the claim. 





After successful creation of claims, contact the assigned Aym biller to notify them that billing is prepared.



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