Treatment Section: How to Manage the Treatment Plan by Cloning, Uploading or Adding Tasks

Treatment Section: How to Manage the Treatment Plan by Cloning, Uploading or Adding Tasks

There are several options for managing the plan. All of these options are found against the Treatment Plan line with the start date and end date of the plan.



The icons shown below (from left to right) include the following:  Clone Plan, DMS, Tasks , Add Goal, and Delete.

The Clone Plan button is typically used when the current plan has ended and new start dates and end dates are in effect under a revised or updated plan. When clicking on Clone Plan, that plan is copied to a new plan where goals can be edited and updated accordingly. This is a big time saver when there are relatively minor changes to make to the new plan. Goals against the newly cloned plan can be deleted if they are no longer applicable, only until a note is created with the new goals. At that point in time, the goal can no longer be deleted.


The DMS button stands for Document Management System. This is how the plan can be uploaded to the system. Since the goals are the only component of the plan that are keyed into the system, it may be important to upload the plan so that all components of the plan can be reviewed by the users that have access to the client. It may also be important to upload the plan so that routine internal audits can validate that the goals keyed in the system match to the current plan.

Once clicking on DMS, browse the computer's files for the clients plan. Select it and click Upload. Provide a description for easy searches in the DMS library. After the file is uploaded, it can be retrieved by clicking on the green arrow, as shown below.


The Tasks button is typically used to create alerts/reminders as to when the plan is expiring, goals need to be updated, etc. Any user that can access this clients plan is allowed to add a task, and may assign it to any staff in the system. The task will then show up in the assignee’s task dashlet, and if task email notifications are enabled, an email will be sent as well. To receive email notifications when a task is sent, go to Options–>Preferences.






By clicking on Add Goal, users can add goals to the treatment plan (typically long term goals).  This is reviewed in more detail in the articles titled "How to Add Goals to a PIE Note" and "How to Add Goals to a Grid Note".


By clicking on Delete, users can delete the treatment plan (as long as the plan is not linked to any notes or billing).  


THe Export button at the bottom left corner allows users to generate a report on basic plan info.  From the export window, users have the ability to print or to export into another file type.