Services Section

Services Section

Services that are added within this section are not linked to billing/authorizations. Services are currently linked to authorizations for billing purposes in OnTarget Back Office. However, adding services within the Clients Desktop can still be a useful tool for linking non-billable services to a particular client.  For instance, users may want to add a service for client no show so that it is possible to accurately document any no shows in the client record.  It is also important to note that the service must be ineligible for payroll as well.


If there are any services already linked to the client record and they are greyed out, that means that those are authorized services that were setup in OnTarget Back Office under the service authorization screen.  Those would not be editable, and are for display only to serve as a reference to what services the client is authorized to receive.  Any service that is added directly under the services  screen will not be greyed out and will be open for editing.


Click on the +Add Service button to start adding a service to the client record. 



By selecting the service Abbreviation, users can link a particular service with a client record.  Note that a service abbreviation will only populate in this drop down if it has been pre-configured within the Configure Desktop. This is done by going to List Configuration->Services–>Service Masters/State Services.



Enter the Service Funder for the service.


When Enforce Employee Validation  is checked, the system will perform a validation check to see if the client is linked to the employee.  This validation check is most useful at the Scheduling Desktop, as it will prevent the scheduler from scheduling an employee to work with a client if the proper credentialing is not first in place and the client is not linked to the employee roster.  The warning message alerting the scheduler to the fact that the employee and client are not linked is thrown at the scheduler, the notes and at billing.  As with all validations, securities for each role determines if this particular message can be overridden or not.  The link between the client and employee is managed under the employee record in the Roster tab.


Enter the service Start Date and End Date.  The service is only eligible to be used within the entered date range.  For example, if the end date is 10/31/14, the service will not be eligible for use starting Nov. 1 forward.  This is a great point of control as it restricts the usage within a desired timeframe.  Minimum Units Required and Authorized Units are for reference purposes only, and are not linked to billing.  


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