Security: How to Configure Roles

Security: How to Configure Roles

  • Roles define the level of access to the program.  Once a user is assigned to a role, then the proper permissions are granted.


    Roles are created by going to Configure–>Security–>Configure Roles.



    Click on Add a Role, and give the role a name.



    The name should reflect the type of access that will be granted for that role.  When adding in new users, it is best to assign them to a role without having to go back through each role to understand the specified permissions.  The name will be that reference for easily knowing which role to assign each user.  For example, job titles are commonly used as role names; since each job title has specific duties and responsibilities related to running the program. 


    If there are already existing users in the company's database, then users can be assigned to a new role accordingly by checking the usernames.  This is not the natural course for linking users to roles; however, since the system requires a role assignment for users when they are first set up.  In order to save the role after a description is entered, click  save.


    Once a role has been saved, the Desktop Security, Data Security and Validations tabs will be available to begin granting the proper level of access.


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