Security: How to Configure Desktop Security for Timesheets

Security: How to Configure Desktop Security for Timesheets

This section provides an overview of the desktop security settings for timesheets in OnTarget Clinical.


Access to timesheets is controlled by system administrators per role under desktop security.  Go to Configure–>Security–>Configures Roles and select the role that needs access. From there, click on the Desktop Security tab.




The 'Allow Timesheet Super-user mode' setting is a privileged power that grants access to all timesheets created for every employee, typically for approval purposes. 

It is important to note the typical work-flow for timesheet access and approval in order to best under the value of the super-user mode.  Each employee will  see strictly their own timesheet, unless they have  staff that report to them. Those staff would be linked to the employee in the Reports To field in the Demographics tab of the employee profile. The designated Reports To person is responsible for approving the timesheet for payroll purposes. In the event that the Reports To person cannot approve the timesheet then someone with super-user power would be able to approve in their absence. Again, this is powerful functionality and opens up every employees timesheet so be sure that is proper access for the designated role. 



If timesheet super user has been granted, the user will go into this mode by going to Options and checking accordingly.


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