Security: How to Configure Desktop Security for the Configure Section

Security: How to Configure Desktop Security for the Configure Section

Security setup for access to the Configure Desktop can be found in the Configure Desktop under security in the Configure Security Roles menu.


In the Desktop Security tab when checking Configure, users have the option to allow access to 4 sections; Company Settings, List Configuration, Customization, and Security.



Company Settings stores several very key global functions.  These check-boxes have a significant impact on scheduling, grid notes, and timesheets, so it is recommended that super users and implementation managers are the only ones with authority to makes changes here.  Any changes will be felt system wide.  There are also control points for session timeouts and password changes; both of which should mirror company policy; so limiting the number of users that can make changes is important.


List Configuration is where all of the master screens are.  This is where the setup all of the various drop-down boxes with the information pertinent to client and employee electronic records is completed.


Customization allows users to customize note forms by adding fields to existing templates or by creating a whole new note form altogether.  Since this documentation is critical to audits, this again should be limited to very few users.


Security should be limited to key staff in the organization who are privy to all company data; for both client and employee records and for all cost centers.  Access to the security menu allows an administrator to add users, change passwords, and edit anyone’s access to the system.  This should be opened to a very limited number of users and ones that are fully trusted with company data.


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