Security: How to Configure Desktop Security for Global Permissions

Security: How to Configure Desktop Security for Global Permissions

There are several functions that apply globally to the program and are controlled in the security menu.  Each of these functions is configurable per role and can be found by going to Configure–>Security–>Configure Roles (Choose Role)–>Desktop Security tab.


Only Show Assigned Clients enforces the client roster to be set up for each user in this role so that the users can only view their clients.  When this rule is checked, the staff are restricted from seeing any client other than the ones they are assigned to.  The rosters are managed under the Employee Desktop in each employee record.



DMS Upload/Search is where any type of document, typically specific to either a client or an employee, is managed for upload or download purposes.  DMS stands for Document Management System.  If the intention is to build electronic records, then the users responsible for loading the documents would need access to DMS.  Likewise, any users that would need to download documents would need access to DMS.  Opening up DMS is giving full access to every component of the client or employee chart that has been uploaded.  This does not give access to any type of data as data cannot be edited, deleted, or added in this section.  This is simply the management of documents or forms.



DMS is integrated in several locations throughout the program.  For example, at the treatment section in the client record, there is a DMS button that allows for uploading of a plan.  A user does not need to have access to DMS in the global permissions section in order to upload or download a plan here. As long as they had access to treatment under Clients, they would have all they need to upload and download the plan.  It may help to know where the DMS buttons are located throughout the program in order to determine who really needs access to DMS under Global Permissions.  They are: Client Admissions, Client Contacts, Client Insurance, Client Treatment Plan, Client Consents and Employee Certifications.  Simply giving users access to those areas will allow them to view or upload the corresponding documents.


That said, the DMS access under Global permissions is typically allowed when the user will be need to have full access to every document in the electronic record.  The DMS access is found under the Options menu and separated by the Upload/Download tabs.


Note:  Allow Notes Super-user mode is now managed under the Notes section in Desktop Security (rather than Global Permissions).



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