Preparing for Implementation: Overview & Setup

Preparing for Implementation: Overview & Setup

This section provides an overview of the setup process for using Timesheets in OnTarget Clinical.


Timesheets are made available to users by going to Configure–>Security–>Configure Roles and selecting a role that will need to use the timesheets.  Under the Desktop Security tab, check timesheets and repeat for each role that will need access.


Pay periods should be set up by going to Configure–>List Configuration–>Employees–>Pay Periods.  A pay period is what allows a user to create their timesheet.  Without a pay period, a timesheet cannot exist.  Click the Add Pay Period button and add the start/end dates accordingly.



The visible check box will control when the pay period is available for selection on the timesheet.  It is important to manage this so that only current pay periods are visible, which would prevent users from selecting incorrect pay periods.  The pay period selection is critical when using OnTarget to process payroll, as the pay period of the timesheet has to match the pay period entered when processing payroll in order for the time to integrate.  Click on update to save the pay period.


From the Configure Desktop, the Edit Company Settings screen provides some points of control for how time is inputted on the timesheets.  The Disable Billable Records on Timesheets checkbox controls whether or not billable time can be manually keyed in the timesheet.  When checked, this requires all billable time to either be imported into the timesheets from the notes once they are approved for payroll, or from schedules if that option is enabled.  When notes are implemented, it is recommended to enforce the import of billable time from approved notes.  This setting applies to all timesheet users.



When the Disable Billable Records setting is enabled, there is no billable option when adding a time record. Only non-billable time is allowed to be manually added.


Another control point in Edit Company Settings is the Enable Schedule Import To Timesheets option.  If this is enabled, billable time can be created from schedules.  If notes are implemented, it is typically recommended that the notes are the source for billable time.



The last step in setting up timesheets is to assign employees to their reporting supervisor.  This link is managed under the employee record in the Employees Desktop.  The staff member responsible for reviewing and approving the timesheet should be listed in the Reports To field.  Once that assignment is made, the Reports To user has access to the staff’s timesheet for approval purposes.  They also have the ability to create a timesheet for the assigned staff and import the staff’s time into the timesheet.


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