Medical Section: Vital Statistics Tab

Medical Section: Vital Statistics Tab

Click on the  +Add Vital Statistics button.



Date is a required field.  Height, Weight, BSA, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Blood Glucose, and BMI are also available.  Note that if the height and weight fields are entered along with the appropriate units, the client’s bmi will automatically calculate and show in the bmi data field.  Also note boxes for "is pregnant" and "is breastfeeding".  If the Medical Note template is being used, which is often used by doctors and nurse practitioners, then the vital statistic data, specifically the height/weight/and bmi fields will sync to the note template.  This is a way to prevent duplicate entries and allows the data to live both in the client record as well as in the documentation. The sync to the note occurs when the date entered here matches the service date of the note.


Click on the Save icon at the bottom right corner of the window to save the information to the client record. 


By clicking on the View Growth Chart button, a useful age/weight/height growth chart is created for the client. 



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