Medical Section: Orders Tab

Medical Section: Orders Tab

Medical orders information can be entered under this tab.  While this tab is typically used in conjunction with Meaningful Use, information for lab, radiology, or medication orders can be entered here.


Click on the +Add button to add any orders information to the client record.



Facility Name, Facility Address, Date, Status, Type (ex. Lab, radiology, medication), CQM Type, Description, Indication, and Frequency data fields are available.


Click on the Update button to update the information or click on Cancel to cancel the edits.  Note:  Update=Enter; Cancel=Escape.



Click on Export for a grid-style report. 



The bottom section of the orders tab is for results (typically where lab/test results are entered).  By clicking on the order in the upper pane, results for the order can be added.  Click on +Add (second section) to enter the Date, Type, Result Value, Result Units, Specimen Source, Specimen Condition, and LOINC.


By clicking on the patient information icon, the user is taken to an online site with useful information related to the lab results entered. 


Also see Meaningful Use for advanced options.