Medical Section: Medications Tab

Medical Section: Medications Tab

Click on the +Add Medication button.



After doing this, a group of data fields will populate.  By entering in the name of the medication, a running list of the medications will be created on the left hand side, making it easy for a quick reference of the given meds.  Each organization should determine which of the fields are most important for input.


It is important to understand that OnTarget can be synced up with an ePrescribe system, which allows the doctors and related staff to electronically prescribe the medications.  When that feature is implemented, any medication that is entered in the ePrescribe tool will sync to this section so that the meds are made visible in the client record.


Like the Vital Statistic information, medication information can also populate to the medical note template. The fields that are formatted to the medical note are: dose, frequency, brand name, strength, dose quantity and dose quantity UOM.  If doctor or nurse notes (or any other staff note) for a particular agency requires this information, then keep in mind the option to sync the data here to the note.  The start and stop date are required fields in order for the medication to sync to the eMAR calendar.  Other fields that are required in order for the medication to sync to the eMAR calendar are Brand Name, Dose, Dose UOM, Strength, and Route.  Note that text boxes are available for patient notes, other notes, and comments to use if necessary.


If the check box for Include on MAR is checked, check boxes for the days of the week are made available as well as a list of check boxes for times in 30 min. intervals.  After making the appropriate selections, this particular medication will be made available on the MAR tab for scheduling purposes.  The Take as needed check box is useful for marking medications as PRN.  Once a medication is marked as PRN, it becomes available on the MAR tab.     


Click on the Save icon at the bottom right corner of the window to save the information to the client record.  


Note:  the DSM5 client diagnosis information can be formatted to the medical note template.  That request is done via request to support.  Optionally, client medications can be included in the formatting as well. 


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