Medical Section: MAR Tab

Medical Section: MAR Tab

The MAR tab is where the medication administration record can be accessed.  More than that, the MAR tab is where medication administration can be visualized in a user-friendly calendar format.  Medications that have been administered, scheduled, are overdue, or missed can be seen here.  These properties can be quickly identified using a color key and visibility on the calendar can be toggled using check boxes (see below).  



Note:  any medications that were set up on the Medications tab with the Include on MAR box checked will populate in the list view on the left of the window.  Clicking on the check box for the corresponding medication(s), makes it active and visible on the MAR calendar (according to the schedule established for the medication under theMedications tab.



Calendar view choices are per Day, Work Week, Week, or Month.  Jump to is also available to go to a particular date.



In the example below, the medication made visible now shows up on the MAR calendar as Scheduled (indicated in blue) for 8:00am (mon., wed., and fri.).  



By clicking on a scheduled event, a version of the following window will pop up:



The caregiver administering the medication can then choose the appropriate status from the drop down box (including, Scheduled, Administered, or Missed).  A comment box is also available.  By clicking on the Save, the status for that particular medication is marked, recorded, and time-stamped.  When administered properly, the corresponding event for that particular medication will change to green on the calendar (caregiver's initials will also display; see below).  Note:  the caregiver must have a certification that is configured as Enable MAR, and that certification must be current in order to document on the MAR.  The configuration for the Enable MAR functionality is completed by going to Configure–>List Configuration–>Clients/Employees–>Certifications.  See the Configure Desktop section of the user guide for more detailed information.    



When a PRN medication is made active and visible on the MAR calendar (by clicking on the Take as needed check box), an +Add MAR option will appear (bottom of the screen).  




Once the PRN medication is chosen, the status screen will appear (same as scheduled medication) and the caregiver can select from Scheduled, Administered, or Missed.


Note:  caregivers have a one hour window  (before or after the scheduled medication time) in which to mark medications as administered in the system. 


There is also a mobile app specifically for caregivers to use for documenting the administering of medications (see screenshots below). 



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