Medical Section: DSM 5 Tab

Medical Section: DSM 5 Tab

Click on the +Add DSM 5 Entry to add a new DSM 5 disorder to the client record.



Start by choosing the ICD9 code for the corresponding diagnosis (which will in turn populate the correct ICD10 code) or start with the ICD10 code (which will populate the correct ICD9 code).


In some instances, the ICD9 code may be different under the OnTarget ICD Look Up from a client's original diagnosis.  An example of this is the ICD9 code for Moderate Intellectual Disability (318.0).  The corresponding ICD9 code in the OnTarget ICD Look Up is 319.  This code corresponds to a DSM5 domain of Neurodevelopmental Disorders within the class of Intellectual Disabilities.  Once the specific disorder is chosen (for this example, Intellectual Disability, Moderate), the corresponding ICD10code populates (F71).  It is especially important to start with any known diagnostic information, as the system is capable of completing the cross-walk to the appropriateICD10 code (see screenshot below).  There may also be instances where ICD9 information cross-walks to the appropriate ICD10 code with no corresponding DSM5 information for Domain, Class, and/or Disorder.    



The Domain, Class, and Disorder fields typically flow in order from one to the next with corresponding diagnostic information.  Once a Domain is selected, a Class is made available for selection (Class types available are restricted per the particular Domain chosen).  Once a Class is selected, a selection of Disorders is made available for selection (Disorder types available are restricted per the particular Class chosen).  Sub Class1 or Sub Class2 fields may also be selected where applicable.  Also, a check box is available to designate if the diagnosis is the Primary diagnosis.   The Date of diagnosis is a required field.  Criterion may be required for the chosen diagnosis (for example:  Autism Spectrum Disorder).  If it is, Criterion will be visible on the right side of the window and check boxes must be completed in order to save the information to the client’s record.


Click on the Save icon at the bottom right corner of the window to save the information to the client record. 


Note:  the DSM5 client diagnosis information can be formatted to the medical note template.  That request is done via request to support.  Optionally, client medications can be included in the formatting as well. 


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