How to Use the Unsigned/Unapproved Notes Dashlet

How to Use the Unsigned/Unapproved Notes Dashlet

The Unsigned/Unapproved Notes dashlet offers a quick view of unsigned/unapproved notes that have been created, as it presents the list of notes that have not yet been signed or approved. 


This informs the caregiver of the notes that need to be completed.  If a note has been signed it will not show up in the list thereby creating a workflow that alerts the caregiver of only unfinished/unsigned notes. 


For supervisors, by clicking on the Signed Notes Only checkbox, a list will be created of all notes that are ready for approval. 


Additionally, each note has a direct edit link  which allows users to go directly to the note to perform any necessary edits. This provides a convenient and efficient workflow for managing notes.



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