How to Use the My Tasks Dashlet

How to Use the My Tasks Dashlet

The My Tasks dashlet provides a view of all Tasks created within the system.  Tasks provide a means of communication within OnTarget Clinical and can be created from multiple areas of the program. The type of task displayed depends on where in the program it was created.

Tasks can generated from the following locations:

Client Admissions

Client Assessments

Client Consents

Client Treatment

Client Notes

Employee Certifications

Scheduled Events

Timesheet Entries


Tasks can also be created directly from the My Tasks dashlet by clicking on Add A Task.  Note:  adding a task in this way does not directly link to a record, so it is highly recommended to create a task from its related record (client consent, employee certification, etc).  


One very important use of tasks is when a supervisor needs a caregiver to make corrections on a note.  The supervisor can assign a task instructing the caregiver of the corrections to be made. Once the task is created, the caregiver will see it listed in their My Tasks list.  When the caregiver has acknowledged the task and has completed the corrections on the note, they can assign the task back to the supervisor.  The supervisor will then see the task in their My Tasks list which signals that the note has been corrected and is now ready for approval again.



In the example above, the first type of task is a Plan type.  This indicates that the task was created from the treatment plan section of a client's record.  The second type of task is a Note type.  This indicates that the task was created from a note.  By clicking on the blue underlined task type, users are taken directly to the origin of the task. 

Additionally, users can edit the task by clicking on the Edit Task icon  .  This is especially useful when, for example, staff are responding to a task generated by their supervisor.  After clicking on the Edit Task icon, the staff would simply change the Assigned To field to their particular supervisor, enter a response related to the task, and click on Save.  This is a crucial step in the workflow for tasks, as this is also how a supervisor knows to close the task (see Closed check box above). 


The Show All check box shows all tasks under the My Tasks dashlet (including any Closed tasks). 


By clicking on the Export button, users are presented with a grid view of the tasks which can be further exported to any common document type.  Note:  only the creator of a task has the ability to close a task within the program.  See "Managing Tasks" in the "Notes Workflow" section of the User Guide for more information on tasks, as well as the related videos below.