How to Use the Assessment of Progress by ISP Goal Dashlet

How to Use the Assessment of Progress by ISP Goal Dashlet

The Assessment of Progress by ISP Goal dashlet allows users to see a graphical view of a client's progress towards completion of treatment plan goals.  Note:  this report is designed to show progress for  grid-based note templates/keys only.


Users have the option of running the Assessment of Progress dashlet based on an individual caregiver's data (see caregiver drop-down below; red box).  In order to look at the overall Assessment of Progress without regard to an individual caregiver, start by entering in a client and a service.  Next, enter in a start date and end date.  This is the range of time for the report, and can be set for any range during which a particular service was provided. 


By clicking on the Filter button, a graphical view will populate in the dashlet window.



By hovering a mouse pointer over the colored sections of the graph, the details of the assessment of progress are made visible.  In the example above, the client achieved the first goal for making his bed 66% of the time for the given criteria.  

The Assessment of Progress graph can be printed or exported to any common file type for further editing by clicking on the Export button.


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