How to Setup Pay Types

How to Setup Pay Types

This section provides an overview of the process for creating pay types in OnTarget Clinical.


Pay types are the mechanism for inputting non-billable time and possibly billable time on the timesheets. If payroll is being processed through OnTarget, then the pay type setup becomes even more critical, as they will represent the various ways in which an employee gets paid. 


To create pay types, go to Configure–>List Configuration–>Employees–>Business Pay Types.



After clicking on Add Business Pay Type, enter in a description that best defines the pay type.  This is what users will see when selecting pay types to enter their time.  Next, select the pay type setting.  These settings will determine how the time is entered and calculated.  For example, when hourly is selected, then a start/end time must be entered on the time record .  When Mileage is selected, there is no time to be entered on the time record; rather units are entered in order to capture the number of miles traveled. 



Check the Pay Overtime box for each pay type that is eligible for overtime.  Users have the ability to control which pay types to allow timesheet creators to be able to enter time against.  This control is typically useful when the notes are the source of the billable time on the timesheets.  When this box is not checked, the pay type will not show up in the drop-down thereby preventing any manual time records from being keyed against the pay type.


Pay types are configured in such a way so that the employee’s time is accurately reflected for payroll purposes. However, if neither timesheets nor payroll are being used, and the pay types are only needed for schedules, then the setup can be more flexible and perhaps more descriptive in regards to how non-billable time is captured.


Once the pay types have been configured, then the corresponding pay types will need to be added to each employee.  This occurs in the employees desktop in the employee record.  Once the employee record is open, go to the Pay Types tab.  Add each pay type specific to the employee, including the cost center and service the pay type will be provided.  Client is optional and only necessary when it is necessary to report wage expenses per client.



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