How to Report on Client Information

How to Report on Client Information

By clicking on the "edit client" icon,

users are taken directly to the client record for viewing or editing.     


By clicking on the "view report" icon,

users are presented with a print-friendly version of the client demographic information (typically referred to as the "face sheet"). 


By clicking on the "export" icon,

the report can be further exported to various document types.


By clicking on the "delete client" icon,

users can delete client information for a client listed in the grid view.


The "view report" button allows users to view multiple selected client demographics records at once.



By clicking on the "export" button on the lower left corner of the client list, the user is presented with a print-friendly grid containing all of the clients from the filtered view along with their basic demographic information.  It is especially important that the filters are used prior to clicking on export, because the report will present anything that is displayed in the client search grid.  In the following example, the client search grid has been filtered by client name.    



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