How to Manage Data in the Pay Types Tab

How to Manage Data in the Pay Types Tab

Pay type information should be entered under this tab. Pay Types are required for entering billable and/or non-billable time on timesheets. Non-billable time may also be entered in schedules using pay types. 



To add a pay type to an employee record, click on the "+ Add" button.

(To make edits to an existing pay type, click to highlight the pay type in the list view).



Select the Business Pay Type description. 

Note that if your agency has enrolled for payroll services, this should be pre-configured within OTBO by going to Payroll–> Pay Types.  If your agency is not running payroll through OTBO, set up can be completed using the employee list configuration area under the Configure Desktop.  See the video below for detailed instructions on configuring pay types.


Select the Cost Center.  This is the cost center where the corresponding pay type is provided. This is required.


Client is an optional field. This is a useful association if a pay rate is specific to a particular client and the employee works the same pay type with multiple clients. When adding the client, the system knows to associate the pay rate only when the employee works with the specified client. If the pay rate for the selected pay type is the same when working for all clients, it is not recommended to enter the client.


Service is a critical field for timesheet reporting as well as for importing into the payroll module.  For billable pay types, the service is required. It is optional for non-billable pay types. An error condition will be thrown in the payroll module if a service is not attached to billable time.


A check box is available in order to mark a particular pay type as "inactive".            


Click on the "update" button to save the information to the employee record, or click on "cancel" to cancel any edits. 



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