How to Manage Data in the Demographics Tab

How to Manage Data in the Demographics Tab

Employee demographics information should be entered under this tab.


To add an employee, click on the "+ Add Employee" button. 

(To make edits to an existing employee record, either double-click the employee listed  in the employee  list view, or click on the "edit employee" icon).



After doing this, the demographics tab will be shown.  The demographics tab contains the minimum required information to successfully save an employee record. 


Basic Employee Information:


First Name M.I. and Last Name are required fields (denoted by a red asterisk).  



Employee Code and Tax Id Number are also required fields.  Employee codes may be used as a way to identify the employee other than by their first and last names.  The tax id number is typically the employee's social security number.


Date Terminated is important when indicating when an employee has been terminated from an agency.  The Status drop down allows users to mark a particular employee's status (Ex. full-time; part-time).  Change Picture is useful for uploading a picture of the employee to their electronic record.        


Employee is Inactive is important for marking an employee as inactive.  This allows for more efficient filtering of employee searches according to active status.       


Address Information:


Address 1CityState, and Zip Code are all entered under this section.  All required fields are denoted by a red asterisk.


Phone Information:


MobileWork, and Home Phone are all entered under this section.


Other Information: 


Date Employed and Date of Birth are entered under this section.


Pay Types typically include salaried or hourly pay types.   Pay Periods are typically chosen from standard items including "weekly", "bi-weekly", "semi-monthly", and "monthly".  Also in this column is a data field for Drivers License #. 


Eligible for Re-Hire is useful for marking a terminated employee as eligible for re-hire or not.  A drop down is also available for indicating  the employee's Gender.


Cost Centers are usually distinguished by physical locations so that information about each cost center can be reported separately (ex. Billing per location, # of employees per location).  Note that cost centers are typically pre-configured at the onset of implementation.  Cost centers may also be added under the list configuration area of the Configure Desktop.


Job Titles are important because they are the mechanism by which employees are allowed to act as a caregiver, supervisor, and/or approver within the system (depending on the configuration of the job title in the Configure–>List Configuration–>Employees–>Job Titles screen).

Note:  If an agency has enrolled for payroll services, this should be pre-configured within OTBO by going to        Payroll–>Job titles.  This will ensure that the job title is properly linked with the workman's class category. 


Reports To is an important link for timesheets, as the person listed here will be responsible for approving the employee's timesheets. Once this assignment is made, the Reports To user has access to the employee's timesheet for approval purposes so that time can imported or reported upon in payroll. The names displayed in this drop-down are based upon the job title. The employees that are listed are the ones with the assigned job title(s) checked as 'Approver' in the Job Title configuration screen (Configure–>List Configuration–>Employees–>Job Titles).


Credentials should typically include any educational or licensing credentials for the employee's information being entered.  (Ex., BS, QP, LCSW, LPC,  etc.). This is critical for note-writing purposes, as the credentials link to the signature on the signed version of a note for both the caregiver and the supervisor approving the note.


Credential Type is an optional field that can be especially useful when filtering different employee types and when it is necessary to restrict the services visible/selectable to particular employees based upon their credentials.  Credential types are pre-configured within the list configuration tool of the Configure Desktop. 


Department is also an optional field that can be useful when using search filters for employees.  Departments are also pre-configured within the list configuration tool of the Configure Desktop.  There are also optional data fields to enter the number of days unemployed and a notes section for any important notes about the employee record. 


Click on the Save icon at the bottom right corner of the window to save the information and update the screen to include additional tabs and sections.