How to Manage Data in the Certifications Tab

How to Manage Data in the Certifications Tab

Employee certification information should be managed under the Certifications tab. Validation rules work in conjunction with this section to alert users when certifications are either incomplete or expired.

The Validation rule is managed in the Validations tab under the Configure Roles screen in security.




To add a certification, click on the "+ Add" button.

(To make edits to an existing certification, click to highlight the certification in the list view).



Select the certification Description.  Note that certification types found in the description drop down box must be pre-configured using the employee list configuration area within the Configure Desktop.


Enter in the Date Completed. This is the minimum date entry required in order to satisfy the validation requirements. If a certification is added to the employee record without this date, then a notification is thrown at schedules, notes, timesheets and billing alerting that the certification is "incomplete". It is understood that since the certification is listed in the employee record it is necessary to have in place before working with clients.


Enter in the Date Expires. This is optional but encouraged if the certification must be renewed. The expiration date is used in conjunction with scheduling, note, timesheet and billing records. Based on the date of service at any given module, if the certification has expired, a notification will will be provided. The security settings determine if the message can be overriden or if the action is prevented from being entered.


Click on the "update" button to save the information to the employee record, or click on "cancel" to cancel any edits.

To the far right of the data fields are three icons. 

The first icon is the "DMS" upload icon.  This is where a copy of the certification can be uploaded. 

The second icon is the "Add a task" icon.  This is where a task can be assigned to an employee with a reminder date and description (Ex. reminder to update CPR training as it is 30 days away from expiration). The task will show up on the assignee's "My Tasks" dashlet in the Dashboard Desktop. An email notification may also be provided if that option is enabled (under the Options menu or controlled by the Security Administrator).

The final icon is the "delete" icon. 



There is a report to manage when certifications expire in the Dashboard Desktop in the Reports Dashlet called "Employee Certifications".

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