How Do You Know What Clients You Have Access To?

How Do You Know What Clients You Have Access To?

The client record is created and managed under the Clients Desktop.  After clicking on the clients icon, users are presented with the client search screen.  The clients displayed in the grid are based upon security settings for particulars roles. 


In order to understand the clients a logged in user has access to, go to the Options menu.



If the Assigned Clients Only box is checked, then the user logged into the system will only see the clients that have been assigned to them under the roster tab of their employee record.  The security settings where this visibility is controlled is found by going to Configure–>Security–>Configure Roles–>Select Role–>OTC Global Permissions–>Only show assigned clients.   



The roster tab (Employees Desktop–>Edit Employee–>Roster Tab) is used to link  a client(s) with an employee for service delivery.  A client is added to an employee roster by clicking on the "+ Add" button.



The first drop down box is for "client" name.  When a client name is added here, they are linked with the employee for service delivery.


If the option to uncheck the box is available, then doing so provides access to all of the clients within the assigned cost center(s).  The user's associated cost centers may be checked by default, but can be toggled in order to display the required clients in the search grid.



The system by default will associate the user to their home cost center, which is established in the employee record when the individual is first setup in the Employees section.  Additional cost centers can be opened up by going to Configure–>Security–>Configure Users–>Select User Name–>Cost Centers (Assigned to this user).  The default cost center(s) are also managed here.



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