History Section: Consents Tab

History Section: Consents Tab

Click on +Add to start entering consents information.



Consent type is a way of categorizing consents. (ex. Client Rights, Restrictive Interventions, Consent To Release Information, etc). 


Description and Expiration Date fields are also available.  Consent type and expiration date are required fields. 


Click on the Update button to update the information or click on Cancel to cancel the edits.  Note:  Update=Enter; Cancel=Escape.



The Tasks icon is available for sending a task related to admissions information.  Also, the DMS icon is available for uploading a copy of any assessments information to the client record.  Delete is also available.



If scheduling, entering in notes, or billing for services occurs after a consent's expiration date, a validations warning message will appear stating that the consent has expired as below.




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