History Section: Certifications Tab

History Section: Certifications Tab

The certifications tab is where client specific certifications are made active and flagged as required for caregivers. 


Certifications are added to the client’s record by clicking on the check box for a particular available certification.  After clicking on the check box for an available certification, it is added to the Active Certifications list.  Active certifications require that the caregiver assigned to the client meet those unique needs for the client.  




If the caregiver does not have the specified certification listed in their employee file, then the system will provide a version of the following message:



Available Certifications are set up initially through the Configure Desktop by going to List Configuration–>Clients–>Certifications.


Validation warnings are particularly valuable when scheduling services for a client as this pro-actively informs the scheduler as to whether or not the caregiver’s credentials will meet the needs of the client. 


Because most staff in the behavioral services industry are required to complete core trainings, such as CPR/First Aid, HIPAA compliance, NCI, etc….it is only recommended that certifications that are outside of the core trainings be selected.  Only certifications that are very specific to a unique client need should be selected.  For example, if a client is prone to seizures, any staff sent to provide services should have completed a seizure management course. 


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