History Section: Admissions Tab

History Section: Admissions Tab



Click on +Add to start entering admissions information.



Admission Type is a way of categorizing admissions.  Options that may be available include admitted, discharged, transferred, referred, etc.  These are typically established at the onset of implementation.  This is especially useful when generating reports on any of this information (ex. If admissions information is needed for a particular cost center; for a given date range). 


Cost Centers are typically established at the onset of implementation and generally refer to separate physical locations or individual programs within the company. 


Date, Contact Date, Referral Date, and Request Service Date are available fields for adding additional admissions information. 


To make edits to existing admissions information, click to highlight the line to be edited in the list view.  This will populate fields that can be edited .  Click on the Updatebutton to update the information or click on Cancel to cancel the edits.  Note:  Update=Enter; Cancel=Escape.



The Tasks icon is available for sending a task related to admissions information.  Also, the DMS icon is available for uploading a copy of any admissions information to the client record.  Delete is also available.



Export creates an admissions grid that can be further exported to the chosen document type.  




By clicking the +Add button, users can enter a reason Description for a particular admission type.  Choices may include, for example, "goals met", "moved", or "no funding source".  Notes is where a descriptive note may be added in order to further support the reason for the admission type.    


Click on the Update button to update the information or click on Cancel to cancel the edits.  Note:  Update=Enter; Cancel=Escape.


Supporting Report:  Admission History Reporting:


On OTBO, Go to: 


Clients–>Reports (this is the report section in the middle of the screen rather than on the left hand side of the screen)–>Admission History Print and Print Grid. These reports will display detail about admission type records (admissions, referrals, discharges, transfers, etc). The Print Grid version is mainly for exporting to Excel.


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