Grid Notes: How to Assign Keys to Services

Grid Notes: How to Assign Keys to Services

Once the grid note keys have been created, the keys will need to be assigned to the services that they will be documented against.  This is a required step in order to begin creating grid notes.


To start assigning keys to services, go to Configure–>List Configuration–>Services–>State Services



Select a service from the list that will be using the grid notes.  Once a service is selected, simply check each note key that needs to be associated with the service.



Click on save when the key assignments have been completed.  Find the next service in the list and repeat the necessary steps.


Note keys may be set up uniquely for each service that is provided.  Each  service’s documentation requirements can be uniquely tailored using note keys.  The keys used for one service can be completely different from the keys used on the next service.


To confirm how the keys will be displayed on the note, go to the Notes desktop and select a client that has an authorized service for the service that has been setup.  The keys can be edited if necessary at the State Service screen.  It is highly recommend to ensure that key configuration per service is correct before notes are written.


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