General Section: Contacts Tab

General Section: Contacts Tab

All pertinent contact information should be entered under this tab.

(To make edits to an existing contact, click to highlight the contact in the list view).


To add a contact, click on the + Add Contact button found under the contacts tab. 



Name is the minimum required information for saving a contact.  Title and Organization are available to provide further contact details.  Consent Obtained is useful for denoting that a consent has been obtained and Primary is useful for designating the contact as primary for the client.


Address Information can be entered into the next section.  Once entered, a link can be created to a useful View on Map tool.  Email address can be entered here as well.


Phone Information is available for entering Mobile Phone, Work Phone, and Home Phone information.


Other Information includes Guardianship Type, Guardianship Date, Contact Type, and Relationship fields.  Contact types include, but are not limited to, first responder, legally responsible person, and professional support.  If the contact type is not in the list, it can be added under the Configure Desktop in the List Configuration menu.


Contact Roles:  roles can be assigned for the contact in this area.


Click on Save at the bottom right corner of the window to save the information to the client record.


Once a contact has been saved to the client record, the contact is shown on the left side of the window under the contact list.  A view on map icon is shown next to the contact.  Clicking on this icon links to a map view of the contact’s address.



To the right of this, is a DMS upload icon shown.  Clicking on this icon links to a document upload/download window.  A description can then be entered and there is the option to browse to the file to be uploaded.  Once the file has been located, click on the upload button to attach the file to the client record.  This could be  especially useful for attaching a scan of the guardianship papers to the client record.  A delete icon is available to delete a particular contact from the client record.



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