Edit Company Settings: How to Setup Company and Various Control Points

Edit Company Settings: How to Setup Company and Various Control Points

The Edit Company Settings section of the Configure Desktop allows administrators to configure company information and settings.  The company settings configured here are fundamental to how the software manages certain aspects of the client record, scheduling, notes, timesheets, and billing. 



Automatically Generate Client Codes: 

If this setting is enabled, the software will create client medical record numbers randomly.  If a company needs to enter pre-defined client medical record numbers, this setting should be de-selected.


Lock Note on Scheduling (note pictured):

This was a global feature that applied to all services and was found under Edit Company Settings.  Now this rule can be applied to individual services by going to Configure–>List Configuration–>State Services–>Select State Service .  This feature is now identified as "Create note from schedule only". 


Note:  For companies that previously had the Lock Note on Scheduling feature enabled in the Edit Company Settings screen, all services are checked by default. This ensures that nothing changes with regards to scheduling processes or how staff complete notes. If this rule is released for a particular service, it is important to note that the following changes:


When a staff goes into add a note, the client/service date/service fields will be open for selection.


When the service is selected, If the service is set up to enforce the selection of a schedule link, then a message will immediately pop up notifying the user to go to the schedule link.


If the service is not set up to enforce a schedule link selection, then the user can proceed with entering in the details of the note (time, supervisor, etc…)


If this setting is enabled, note information can only be imported from scheduled events.  This will also lock the header fields of the note.  The time fields of the note are still editable by caregivers even if this setting is enabled.    


Disable Billable Records on Timesheets:

If this setting is enabled,  there is no billable option when adding a time record to a timesheet.     Only non-billable time is allowed to be manually added. This is recommended when notes are implemented as a means of reconciling billable hours to payroll hours for billable time.


Disable Previous Grid Note Entries:

If this setting is enabled, the display of previous grid note entries will be disabled when entering grid notes.   


Enable Schedule Import To Timesheets:

If this setting is enabled, billable time can be imported from schedules into timesheets.  If notes are implemented, it is typically recommended that the notes are the source for billable time, and that this setting be de-selected.


Allow Non-Billable Overlap Validations:

If this setting is enabled, the system will allow users to override any validations that results from non-billable time overlapping with billable time. 


In the top portion of this screen, basic company information will be entered. It is important to note the function of the Admin Email field.



By going to Options–>Support, there is a link for "Contact Security Administrator". This allows users to contact someone internal to an organization regarding OnTarget Clinical questions. 



All emails will be directed to the contact referenced in the Admin Email field.