Customization: How to Add Custom Labels

Customization: How to Add Custom Labels

Custom labels are useful for re-labeling a custom note template in order to meet the specific requirements of the note. The system provides default labels, meaning the titles given to the data fields, specific to the three standard note templates (Clinical, Grid and Medical Templates). These default labels can be renamed in order to satisfy different documentation needs.


To configure custom labels, go to Configure–>Customization–>Custom Labels. 

Click Add Custom Label.



Choose the note template to be customized from the drop-down and then select individually the default data fields that will be renamed. 

Click on update to add the custom label to the custom note template.

In the following example, a new note template has been created in the Note Template screen (Configure–>List Configuration–>Services–>Note Templates) in order to accommodate a SOAP note form.  The SOAP note is based off of the default Clinical note type, therefore, the default data fields are that of a PIE Note (Purpose/Intervention/Effectiveness). These fields have been given custom labels to reflect the "Subjective", "Objective", and "Assessment" components of the SOAP Note.



Once the note template has been customized using custom labels, it can be further customized using custom fields.   In order to further customize the note, see the Custom Fields sections of the user guide. 


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