Custom Notes: How to Add Custom Labels

Custom Notes: How to Add Custom Labels

Custom labels are useful for re-labeling a custom note template in order to meet the specific requirements of the note.


To configure custom labels, go to ConfigureàCustomizationàCustom Labels.  Click Add Custom Label.



In order to continue the process of creating a custom note template, choose the note template to be customized from the drop-down.  In the following example, a custom note template for a "SOAP" note has been created.  For this example, this template is using a clinical note type, and the default PIE note labels (Purpose/Intervention/Effectiveness) have been given custom labels to reflect "Subjective", "Objective", and "Assessment".



Once the note template has been customized using custom labels, it can be further customized using custom fields.  Click on update to add the custom label to the custom note template.  In order to further customize the note, see the Custom Fields sections of the user guide.     


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