All Notes: How to Print Notes

All Notes: How to Print Notes

This section provides an overview of how to print notes in OnTarget Clinical.


There are several ways to print notes from OnTarget Clinical, depending on the nature of the printing needs. Notes can be printed individually or in bulk. 


Printing notes individually:


When a note is signed for the first time, the document is then stored in the Document Management System (referred to in the system as DMS).  Every note has a DMS tab.  The "Date Created" column will indicate the timestamp of when the note was signed.


The note can be downloaded by clicking on the green arrow.  The note can be printed directly from the PDF. 

Be aware that multiple timestamps may be visible in the DMS tab.  There will be a download for each timestamp.  The first timestamp will always indicate the first time the note was signed and the DMS created. When the supervisor approves the note (as long as the supervisor is different from the caregiver; meaning that the approval function was done by someone other than the caregiver and at a different time from when the note was signed) a new DMS record will be created.  There will be a second timestamp indicating when that action took place, and the new note record will now have the supervisor’s signature (if the supervisor signature is configured to show on the note).


Some other reasons for multiple timestamps may be that the note was unsigned or unapproved.  The system will show all revision history to provide an understanding of what edits have taken place since the original signing of the note.  The most recent timestamp with the most up to date information will be at the end of the list.


Printing notes in bulk:


Start by using the filters on the left of the Search Clinical Notes grid to drill down to the set of notes that need to be printed.  Some of the more useful filters will likely be "client", "service", "date range" and "show all approved".  Once the search has returned the proper results, click on "Print Notes" at the bottom of the window.

After clicking on print notes, the most recent DMS documents for the notes in the filtered view will download.  This download will not include any notes that have been approved, then unapproved, unsigned, edited for the caregiver, resigned or re-approved.  This download will only include the final version of the notes.  Therefore, using the filters is especially important before clicking on Print Notes.  If no filter is set, then the document that is downloaded for printing will include all of the notes in the clinical notes grid.


If the search filter is not set for signed or approved only notes, then be aware that when reviewing the notes, a "Draft" watermark will be visible.  This indicates that the note is not yet signed and is simply a draft.  Once the note is signed, the draft watermark will go away.


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