All Notes: How to Edit Notes

All Notes: How to Edit Notes

This section provides an overview of the workflow  for editing notes in OnTarget Clinical.


The process for editing a note varies depending on where the note is in its life cycle (whether signed, approved, or billed).  Because of this, there are different scenarios that describe the different processes.


Editing a note when it has not yet been signed:


A note is open to all edits if it is in an unsigned state.  In this case, the caregiver will find the note to be edited from either the notes dashlet or in the search grid in the Notes Desktop.  The note can be opened and edited accordingly.  The workflow chart on the right of the screen will reflect "Work In Progress", indicating that any edits can still be made.



Editing a note when it has been signed (not yet approved):


If a note has been signed but not yet approved, the workflow chart will reflect "Signed".  In this case, the note will need to be unsigned since a signed note is completely locked down and closed for editing.  To unsign the note, click "Unsign Note" (lower right corner).  When clicking Unsign Note, key in the password.  Once completed, the workflow chart will then indicate "Work In Progress" which means the note is open for editing.  Once all edits are made, save and then re-sign the note.  If the note writer is both the caregiver and the supervisor listed on the note, a "Process" button will be visible instead of Unsign.  In this case, click on Process, uncheck the Sign Note box and key in the password.  Once the note has been successfully unsigned, edits can be made to the note. When all edits have been completed, save and re-sign the note.



Editing a note when it has been signed and approved:


When the workflow chart reflects that a note is in an "Approved" state, the supervisor of the note will need to first unapprove the note. The supervisor may be notified of the need to unapprove the note by creating a task for them.  To do so, go to the Tasks tab and add the task, assuring that you assign it to the note’s supervisor.  It would be ideal for the supervisor to re-assign the task back to the caregiver once they have unapproved it so that the caregiver knows they can proceed with editing.  In order to unapprove the note, click Process. The Supervisor will need to unapprove the note for billing and/or payroll depending on the type of edits to be made. Then key in the password and click ok.  This moves the status of the note back to Signed. The caregiver will then need to proceed with the steps for unsigning the note as previously described.  In the event that the note has been billed, the note will need to go through the unapproval process by the supervisor as described so that the caregiver can unsign and edit.




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